Its here!

The date is August 2013. My 3D printer has just arrived… EXITED!!
This brought me back to when i was a kid and opened up a new LEGO set, the excitement and anticipation. During 3 days i build this awesome machine from its myriad of components until the moment when it was done. Connecting it to the computer and starting to levelling the bead, done! Starting the slicing of the preloaded robot and press print… Its moving… sitting, looking at it print layer by layer and then, there it is, the robot that a moment ago was on the screen. Magic!!

itshere print2 p3 P4 P27 P7 P9 P11 P14 P22 P15 P23 P24 P25 P16 P19 P18 P26

Upgrades and first prints


p28 p29 p30 p31 P32