Z-brush test print

I made this duck skull as one of my first go at z-brush. Was meant to be a skull but it got a small beak in the beguiling of the sketch so, why not!

I have looked at this program for quite some time and the models are just stunning! After some frustrating hours and some tutorials it’s starting to grow on me. I like the way of using a pen to “draw” on a ball of clay to alter and sculpt. It is by far the most real clay sculpt like 3D program I have tried. The interface is somewhat weird in the way is is built but i think the flexibility in it will allow me to make a nice personalized set-up in the end. All in all really looking forward to spend some more hours in this program.

Just got KeyShot as well so I had to try out some renderings. It’s a pretty simple yet strong rendering program! Jump in and throw on some materials, double-click an environment and hit the DoF box. Wait a few minutes and done!























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