FORTYTWO Group – Brand creation


Back in 2012 the company 42 Telecom was restructured to now be a part of the new group of companies called 42 Group. To make a fresh start we decided to create a new brand for the group and align this with the subsidiaries.

My job as the Art Director at 42 Telecom was to lead this creation of the new brand for 42 Group and 42 Telecom. To get in a second expertise to aid us in these first phases we got in freelancer Susanne Bryngelsson, which helped us speeded on the progress and creativity significantly.




Final brand result

Value foundation

A new set of values were created and we interpreted these to what they mean for FORTYTWO



To set the group apart from other companies called 42 (which is quite some, due to book the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy) we decided to use the full letter version. Furthermore this gives the brand a more serious touch and good text element to build a text logo out of.


Usage in subsidiaries

Brand differentiation

Each brand is given its own identity through images, colours and tone of voice.