Fortytwo Corporate Services

Brand details

Fortytwo Corporate Service is a subsidiary of FORTYTWO Group that provides legal services for people and companies that want to move to or set up business in Malta. Hence I wanted this brands soul to be about Malta. This resulted in using a painting of the traditional Maltese balconies done by a local artist.

Sins it is a market with high end clients I wanted to give this brand a premium feeling. To achieve this and to give the brand a serious tone I used a grey scale pallet with touches of green.

Brand Essence




To minimize printed materials and to maximize the usage of the brand colour and logo i created a brand seal. This is a sticker that consists of the green image background and the logo. This can then be used in two ways: as a sticker on things to brand them and to use it as an old wax seal. Stick it on a letter or to close a folder with it to give the client that feeling of a secure document that have not been read by any third part. This round shape is also a recurring element throughout the brand to build recognition.

Tablet presentations